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SCHMIDT® ManualPress


Depending on the application, there is a wide selection of Rack-and-Pinion Presses and toggle presses to choose from. Furthermore, a modular product design gives you the opportunity to choose the appropriate press for your application.

  • Flexibility
    • Rapid changeover due to the easy and secure adjustment of the working height
    • Ground platen with precision T-slot and precise alignment between the ram and table bores allow for accurate and repeatable set ups which reduces set-up times
  • Ergonomic design
    • The original position of the hand lever can be varied by 360°
    • Horizontal pull (111 / 113)
    • Available for left-handed and right-handed use
    • Clamp bearings and serrations provide a secure fit of the hand lever
    • The return stroke force of the ram can be adapted to different tool weights.
  • Precision
    • Alignment < 0.05 mm between upper and lower tool
  • Maintenance-free
    • No lubrication necessary
  • Long service life
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From 1.6 kN to 22 kN
Throat depth from 65 mm to 200 mm
Working height from 60 mm to 600 mm

Efficient manufacturing requires appropriate means of production – not always automation. In particular, with small production runs, manual presses are often the most cost effective solutions.

We are continually developing the range of manual presses so that you can achieve your production goals. The expertise we have gained from our exposure to numerous production applications has been implemented in our new models. Therefore, we can offer a wide range of manual presses to suit all requirements.


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