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SCHMIDT® PressControl


  • Efficiency due to intuitive user interfaces
  • Quick and secure process set-up e. g. thanks to the touch screen with SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 and hand wheel ram control function with SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000.
  • The integrated PLC allows programming of additional inputs/outputs or sensors/actuators and the application-specific design of the workstation or the line.
  • The integrated measurement technology is insensitive against interferences (EMC). This results in a high measurement security of the entire system.
  • With integrated safety technology, the entire system becomes a type-approved single workstation.
  • Service functions such as “Firmware Update” ensure the user has the up-to-date version of the software
  • The software SCHMIDT® ControlTool of PressControl 600 and PressControl 5000 use the same user interface and have an identical data structure.
  • Guaranteed complete process documentation with full traceability
  • The Statistical Process Control “SPC” is carried out online after each pressing process.
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SCHMIDT® PressControl 600 and 5000 are control units of the latest generation, which allow the design of modern production processes – from the single workstation to complete automation. You benefit from our competence in:
Safety technology – type-approved devices
Process measurement technology – simultaneous measuring during the process
Process documentatio


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