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SCHMIDT® Servo Press


  • Superior process control behavior compared to conventional NC axes
    • quick
    • repeatable
    • can be optimized for your application
  • Intelligent compensation
    • due to calculation of individual tolerances of the parts
    • of system elasticities (dynamic bending compensation)
  • Free positioning with changing process forces
    • without fixed tool stop
    • resolution in 1/100 mm range
  • Real time evaluation
    • true close-loop control
    • direct reaction to process and quality data
    • no delay caused by low process data transfer
    • immediate availability of SPC data
  • Precise and robust mechanical construction
  • System is immediately ready for operation
    • standard travel profiles only require the entry of position and speed
    • system automatically parameterizes itself

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    From 15 N to 150 kN
    Throat depth from 130 mm to 160 mm
    Working stroke from 150 mm to 500 mm

    An economic and high quality assembly is the key to the success of your product. The aim is to join together precise assemblies from low-cost individual components with different tolerances. Electrically driven spindle presses, servo presses, are ideal for such tasks. SCHMIDT® ServoPress systems offer an integrated solution of SCHMIDT® PressControl 5000 control unit and SCHMIDT® ServoPress modules. They meet the most complex requirements, as stand- alone machines or in automatic production lines.


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